Braze Alloys: The Six Types of Technology Partners

Data and Infrastructure Agility

Data is at the heart of all engagement. We’ve built our platform to easily integrate with data warehouses, customer data platforms, and more to support sophisticated, real-time customer experiences. Access our content hub to learn more.


Understanding your customers is essential in today’s always-on, cross-channel world. Strengthen your connection with them using insights-focused technologies to enrich the customer journey. Learn more about insights-focused technologies in our content hub.

Channel Extensions

Communicating with customers across multiple channels can boost your engagement by 844%. From A/B testing to localization solutions, making the most of your channels with Braze Alloys is easy. Dive into channel extensions in our content hub

Additional Channels

Your customers are individuals, with their own individual interests and preferences. To reach them effectively, your brand needs real-time cross-channel capabilities that fit your audience’s unique preferences and needs. Learn how Braze Alloys makes that happen.

Data Augmentation

Personalized notifications. Location-relevant updates. All this and more is made possible by data augmentation. Learn how we simplify the process of creating a bespoke customer engagement ecosystem.

Advertising Technologies

If paid advertising is part of your marketing strategy, don’t let the insights you collect gather dust. Braze Alloys enables brands to pull them into one holistic view of the customer to optimize every campaign. Access our content hub to find out more.

Customers Upleveling Their Engagement With Braze Alloys